BEEP BEEPrepared... Joshua Tree National Park Roadrunner Shuttle starts February 1st!

Joshua Tree National Park Roadrunner Shuttle Program by

Joshua Tree National Park with all its beauty has been suffering from popularity.  Endless articles in the media and National Park campaigns have contributed to the public interest.  Factor in world-class rock climbing, hiking, astronomy, wildflowers, and sure to snap Instagram classics... you don't need to be an outdoor enthusiast to want to check it out.  And why not?  Joshua Tree National Park is amazing!  

Sadly, such attention has our Park busting at the seams with visitors.  Such popularity translates to long entry lines and full parking areas. (See NPS-Overcrowded ). It's not unusual to see vehicles parked along roadways and onto protected vegetation.  With great effort, Joshua Tree NP Superintendent, David Smith, worked tirelessly to get a shuttle service in place in hopes of elevating Park impact and enhance the visitor experience.  Such efforts are set to pay off starting February 1, 2018.

The ROADRUNNER SHUTTLE will provide passengers from Joshua Tree Village and downtown Twentynine Palms into the Park every two hours.  The schedule also allows hopping between the Park's interior hot spots of Barker Dam, Intersection Rock, Hidden Valley, Ryan Mountain, and Jumbo Rocks every thirty minutes. 

This flagship program will begin on February 1st running through April 30, 2018, providing daily service from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm.

With program popularity and JTNP receiving year-round visitors we anticipate further growth and extended schedules to develop.

Joshua Tree NP has requested shuttle users to not park at Oasis or Joshua Tree Visitor Center parking lots.  Please utilize Park and Ride spots near Joshua Tree Village or one of the many convenient parking areas of Twentynine Palms including pick up at Stater Bros, Rite Aid, Holiday Inn, Twentynine Palms Transit Center (Adobe and Cactus Rd) as well as the small lot of Bucklin Park behind Twentynine Palms Visitor Center and Chamber of Commerce.   

It is also important to know that riding the shuttle is FREE but entry into Joshua Tree National Park requires a PASS.  Bus operators DO NOT SELL PASSES, so PLAN YOUR VISIT and purchase pass in advance to utilize the shuttle system.  

Beep-Beeprepared for the Roadrunner Shuttle!

• Park Pass Required.  Bus operators do not sell Park Passes
• Bring Food, Water, and Appropriate Clothing for your visit into the Park
• Remember your Park and Ride location
• Let someone know your plans for the day

For further details on the program visit JTNPROADRUNNER.ORG

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